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Sankey Rapper Indian Hindi Rapper

Sankey Rapper Biography

Shivam , better known by stage name Sankey Rapper, is an Indian, Hindi Rapper and Lyricist, Born on, 13 November , 1998 , he is based in New Delhi , India has been in the field of Hip Hop music creation since last 8 years . As as self taught independent music artist , Sankey Rapper aspires to revolutionize the world of Hip Hop music by producing good quality and message bearing music .

. His interest lies not only in creating beats having diversity of sounds , but also as a song writer aims to inspire the young generation .

Sankey Rapper created a YouTube channel YouTube in 2016, uploading the song that was the first Official song on that channel. But after some time, he made Hip-Hop music, the audience liked that music very much.

Now, if you search for him on YouTube, you will see that his channel is verified as a music artist. Now you might wonder why did YouTube verify its channel as a music artist or give it a music note verification badge?

Originally, Sankey Rapper released its first soundtrack on SoundCloud in 2018, but after some time it officially released that track on Google Play Music, Hungama, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Napster, Deezar, Tidal , Released on music streaming platforms such as Resso, Boomplay, Amazon Music, Musixmatch, and many more. This is why YouTube has officially verified its channel as a music artist and has got verified badges on all popular music streaming platforms.

Started as a devout listener of American – Pakistani legend Bohemia , he takes inspiration from his work and life . With the humble beginnings of 25 songs including successful viewership of WEED DA NASHA , KHATARNAK , BADNAAM 2 , RAP GAME , Sankey is moving forward towards his goal of creating 100 tracks . His productions are available on all the major global music platforms such as You Tube , Spotify , Apple Music etc.

SANKEY RAPPER officially validates Sankey Rapper , all famous search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, and YouTube. He is still working in his field and according to Shivam – Sankey Rapper : “Without hard work, you cannot achieve success in your life. Just keep following your dreams. “

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