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Meet a famous writter & Musician Abu Jakaria

The new face in front of the screen this time is a dreamy young man Abu Jakaria. Who is simultaneously a writer, novelist, Musician, actor.


Abu Jakaria is one of the most talked about faces of this period. He has gained fame in the country and abroad as a Musician, Actor, Writer and Novelist.

The journey of this dreamy young man’s world of music started in 2016. He covered a song in 2016 and uploaded it on YouTube.

That song touched people so much that this young bright boy never had to look back. Since then the fans have been thinking.

He sang one song after another, touched the hearts of many fans. Although this journey started in 2016, this young man did not have to stop.


In 2019-2020, this emerging young man decided to protect the country in the online world on behalf of the country. That’s why he started working

with Ethical Hacking and Cyber ​​Security. He was involved in cyber security for 2 long years. Then not getting interested in cyber security.

He came back to the world of music.


In 2021, Abu JAkaria started working with a young entrepreneur and musician, Name’s MK Sabbir Rahman

the most loved world with music. In 2021, several of his songs have been released. Among them being significant

“I know you won’t come, you can’t come back, sleep in someone’s Bed, Meri Aashiqui, Tum Hi Ana, Zara Zara, etc.

When these songs were released on international platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, etc. they spread all over the audience.


Abu Jakaria is not just a Musician. He is also an Actor and Writer. This young man entered the world of literature in 2021.

His first book published in 2021 is “Ethical Hacking Part-1”. The book has already taken the readers by storm.

He has written many books. Like Loss of Reason, Reason Loss part-1, Reason Loss part-2, The Most Dangerous Game, The Damn Girl

that’s all famous books. Which is now thrown all over the international arena. His published books are being sold on all major book platforms internationally.

For example: Google Books, Amazon, Apple Books, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, ScriBD, Tolino, Vivlio, Rekuten Kobo & more than on 30 platforms.


The young Writer said, he wants to be one of the top writers in the country. So that he can change people with the books he writes.

He further said, “My dream of putting myself on the map of the world for Bangladesh, In sha Allah.”

This young man seems to be the best of all. One by one, his songs and writings are gaining the inspiration of the love of thousands of fans.

He also said that if everyone has love and support, he will give some better gifts to the people of the country in the future.

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