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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Ayatul Maksud is one of the young musical artist of Bangladesh. He has gained wide popularity through social media. Published on his own Spotify account, YouTube and gained widespread popularity. He has gained a lot of recognition through his ‘Sky High’ music. His other music is ‘Fly Away’, ‘Heavy Metal’,‘Get High’, ‘Dark Matter’,‘The Dream Night’,‘Function of Paradise’, ‘Riotous Legends’,‘Energetic Youth’ etc. Now he has gained a place as one of the most popular and well-known faces through social media. Young musicians like him will take our future art culture forward.


Outside of all this, Ayatul has another distinct identity. He has been working successfully on Digital Marketing since 2015. As his profession, he has built a freelancing training centre in his town on his initiative; From where new freelancers are constantly rising. We believe that this small initiative will soon turn into significant action in the economic growth of Bangladesh.

Digital marketing is a new possibility in today’s world. Now thousands of young people are building their future around digital marketing. It is a popular topic for everyone to work independently. It is a dream of many young people now. Ayatul Maksud is such a young entrepreneur. He started working from his own Facebook page. Now he has gained enough recognition in his digital marketing

In addition to digital marketing, he blogs. He is also well known as a writer. His writing has gained popularity through social media. He is a well-known face for digital marketing through social media.

Our country is moving forward for new young entrepreneurs like him. We are not lagging behind in digital online platforms. Every year a lot of foreign currency is coming to our country by these young entrepreneurs.

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